Build a 7 figure Ecommerce Business
- Even if You Have No Technical Skills,
No Business Experience or Industry Contacts
( While Doing Your Full Time Job).

Entrepreneurs please note:

This is not a Training Institute! We have no faculties.
Training is provided by Ecommerce Entrepreneurs / Consultants sharing marketing and IT experiences with you for your benefit.

Is this program for You?

  • You have a few business ideas but need help getting started.
  • May be you have no concrete idea yet, but want to learn about how to do it right.
  • You may need help/advice on which idea to pursue?
  • You are in a full-time job and looking to create additional part-time income.
  • You are a house-wife who is looking to create a second income working from home.
  • Maybe you have one superb idea, but not sure of how to convert this idea into reality?
  • Want to know how to gain financing for your project?
  • You have No technical skills and No Ecommerce business experience!
  • Maybe you have an offline business - and you want to convert it to an online eCommerce business.

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What: Training For
 Setting Up Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch

When: Please call 9819155259 for next batch.
usually Sunday 9.30 am. to 6 pm. 
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Idea to Online Sales in Just a Few Days!

We have more subjects covered, more speakers on the panel and more value to be derived.  We even make your  business website right there. You go home with a business. This time we are leaving nothing to chance. It is not just theory, it's hands-on!

And what if you don't have an idea?

Read Topic 1 below!

Either you are Building Your OWN BUSINESS

- or you are Building SOMEONE ELSE's!

  • Are you tired of the 9 to 5 RAT RACE?
  • Are you Finally Ready to Stop Dreaming & Start Doing?
  • Are You Ready to build YOUR OWN eCommerce business?
  • Are you PASSIONATE about building your own business?
  • If you answered YES to the above, then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

While Thinking of Building Your OWN Business, here are some questions you may have wondered about!

  • I have an idea, which I am sure will work fine, but how do I validate it?
  • Which of these ideas should I follow through with?
  • Do I need to know technology before I start?
  • Who can help me decide on the technology?
  • How can I be sure my product will sell?
  • Where can I find good developers for creating my website?
  • Should I outsource or build in-house?
  • Should I start with B2B or B2C model?
  • How much is it going to cost me to build a portal?
  • How do I go about marketing my website?
  • How do I use twitter, facebook etc to promote my site?
  • How do I setup delivery of my products?
  • How long does it take to have a successful business?
  • How much money should I have before I consider launching my business?
  • How do I find investors for my business?
  • What are the basic minimum requirements for getting investment?
  • I have an investor, but he is asking for a business plan.
  • How do I plan my exit?
  • And so much more....

More testimonials available at our YouTube Channel.

All Students Setting Up Ecommerce

What if you have an offline business?

Bill Gates on Ecommerce Necessity.

What most people do not Realize Is That Technology is probably the Simplest Aspect in Building Your Business! What is tough is the thing that comes before and after!

 Setting Up Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch

Topic 1:Ecommerce Product Creation (Finding a Product To Sell)

Tools For Ecommerce
  • Finding a product to sell when you don't even have an idea.
  • Creating new products to sell or reselling existing products ?
  • What kind of products should I consider ?
  • Where do I find wholesalers to buy products from?
  • What pitfalls to avoid when building your product?
  • How do I decide on Product Pricing.
  • Cost savings/cost cutting while creating your product.

You receive a complete list of questions to ask your supplier. This was created for us by entrepreneurs who import from China and covers everything you need to get answered.

Topic 2: Idea Validation ( Will this Product Sell Well?)

Ecommerce Business Ideas
  • How do I conduct market research?
  • How big is the competition in the market?
  • Is the market big enough for my idea to be profitable?
  • What are the various options for market research?
  • What is a foolproof way of knowing if my idea will succeed?
  • What market places do I validate my idea?
  • How do I go about finding a good idea?
  • What is an investable idea?

Topic 3: Personnel(Who will do the work?)

Hiring Team for Ecommerce
  • Where can I find employees/ co-founders / partners?
  • What skills must I look for in my partners?
  • What expenses should I account for in hiring employees?
  • Where can I find freelancers to  hire?
  • What are the pros - and cons of hiring freelancers?
  • What are the issues in hiring employees?
  • What basic rules should I follow while hiring employees?
  • What to do if I don't have the money to spend on employees?
  • What is sweat equity?
  • How much equity should I give to my first employees?

Topic 4 : The Money Maker: Selling Online

Selling in the Marketplace
  • Selling from your Ecommerce Website
  • Selling from the market place
  • Affiliate Selling
  • How to multiply your presence
  • Why to Sell from multiple Locations
  • Disadvantages of market places
  • Advantages of your own website

Topic 5: Ecommerce Website Creation

Ecommerce Shopping cart
  • Build or Buy?
  • Technology Choices?
  •, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify?
  • Employee or Freelance or Company?
  • Cost of Domain?
  • Cost of Hosting?
  • Cost of building Ecommerce Portal?
  • Payment Gateways

Topic 6: Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design
  • Home Page Design
  • Navigation Design
  • Product Page Design
  • Designing with SEO in mind.
  • Shopping Cart Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Thank you Page Design
  • What are Conversion Blockers?

Topic 7: Launch

Launching Ecommerce Business
  • Preparing for a big launch
  • Testing and launching  your ecommerce portal.
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators?
  • What numbers do you need to keep an eye on?
  • Cross Selling & UpSelling.
  • Government regulations...
  • Packaging
  • Customer Service
  • Delivery & Logistics
  • Returns, Refunds & Chargebacks

Topic 8: Online Marketing

Digital Marketing For your Ecommerce Business
  • Importance of Online Marketing
  • Facebook or Google Adwords?
  • I have a Facebook page and twitter feed. Do I need a website?
  • What should I focus on within digital marketing?
  • Do I have to do Google Adwords?
  • What is the importance of knowing about Analytics?
  • Do I need to learn Adwords myself?
  • What is the difference between Facebook Pages and Groups?
  • *** This is just an introduction to the subject. For knowledge about how to set up your own marketing campaigns, please refer to

Topic 9: Finding Investment to Scale Your Company

Find Investments for Scaling Up
  • When do I start hunting for investment?
  • What is seed, angel and VC funding?
  • What is the best company format for investment?
  • Does this differ between industries/domains?
  • Who is the best person to tell me as per my needs?
  • What is traction?
  • Do we need sales or customers or registrations for investment?
  • What you need to know about Business Valuation.

Topic 10 : Customer Service, Logistics, Tools

ISOS - Customer Service
  • How to deliver my product?
  • What to do about refunds?
  • What percentage should I set aside for losses?
  • What kind of inventory do I need to have?
  • Should I consider drop-shipping?
  • How to avoid cart abandonment?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators?
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Customer Service Tools
  • Delivery and Logistics and Tools and much more.

Topic 11 : Company Creation and other Topics 

ISS - Business Setup
  • What registrations do I need?
  • What company setup  is best for my business?
  • What legal formalities do I need to be aware of?
  • What are the constituents of my product pricing?
  • What taxes do I account for?
  • Trademarks and patents.

Topic 12:  Setting Up A Service Business

We are introducing a new module regarding the setting up of a Service Based Ecommerce Business: Marketplaces, Service Based Business, Aggregators etc. As opposed to traditional product sales, we will introduce offering a service as the core offering. 

Creating Your Own Ecommerce Website Without Coding - Included!

At the end of this class, you will go home with an Ecommerce business - ready to start selling. You need to bring some images of your product(if you have any) - as well as proper descriptions. We will show you how to upload your images and provide them proper descriptions using keyword analysis to make sure your customers find the products they are searching for.

This module by itself might save you even up to Rs.1 lakh!

Vendor Support For Your Business

You need the help and support of various Vendors at every turn to make your business successful. We have a list of vendors we have dealt with in the past. You are welcome to deal with them and get guaranteed good service.

You can ask questions and understand your choices available to you. As you go about building your ecommerce business, you can call upon them for service, support and knowledge.



Deep Janardhanan Director, ISS
 Deep Janardhanan - our resident Marketing Expert and ECommerce Coach will talk about how to get your company known - across your market. He will also talk about how to decide on which market to target, what price point to use, what business model to adopt and how to go about marketing your company with the least price. Deep has nearly 19 years of business experience as well as experience building websites for multinationals and small businesses alike. He also has owned and operated a couple of marketing companies in India and US. This dual experience gives him a unique perspective into growing  Businesses  using Technology. Deep enjoys bringing the technology into play for helping his clients excel in their marketing.
Deep is a CEO of an ecommerce company and an acknowledged eCommerce Coach as well as an expert in Business Growth using Advanced Marketing Strategies, List based Customer Acquisition and Dynamic Conversion Tactics. You can read his articles at his blog Greater Profits Media .

 We will answer all your queries - no matter how long it takes. So clear your calendar and confirm your registration quickly.  This kind of event may not come back any time soon, at least not at the current rates. 

Want to speak with our expert before you register?
Please call 9819155259 and fix an appointment to speak with Mr.Deep Janardhanan. 

Why You Need To Be Here...

1) Doing Business is Hard.
Hard Work - Ecommerce - ISSEven without the uncertainties and fickleness of today's customers, doing business is hard.  You should give yourselves every advantage of making it a success. When you come to this master-class, you give yourselves a better chance of Success! You learn the process of setting up your business step by step. You are prepared for any eventuality - as you acquire the requisite knowledge and the resources to help you succeed. You will know what to expect and how to deal with issues as they come up.

2)Fear & Uncertainty Slows You Down.

Uncertainty - Ecommerce - ISSMany people who get into business for the first time - are quite uncertain of what to do next. There is a huge lack of knowledge regarding eCommerce business. This lack of knowledge creates Fear and Uncertainty.  These twin evils not only make you worry causing stress, they also cause you to take crucial decisions slower and make you double-guess yourselves. When you work with us, you are never alone. You can call on us to get your questions answered and to receive unbiased advice on your choices and questions.

3) Support of Your Peers.

Peer Support - Ecommerce - ISSOften in business, you are unsure of who to trust. This will again give you pause, and cause you unnecessary worry. When you come to this class, you are just one among many who are going towards the same goal of business success. You can network with your peers and use their support to get ahead. You can clear your doubts with them, you can get referrals from them, and even get them to help you with legal and other questions...

4)No fluff. 
This is not a basic "How to" class. We will not be giving book knowledge. You will be talking with real-life entrepreneurs who have succeeded in their business. Now they are telling you what they did - and what you should expect.  At the end of this class, we expect you to have your own website ready! Only hard hitting facts and actionable steps.

5) Not pre-scripted.
Unlike other classes, we don't have a fixed script. We give you the knowledge we think you should have, and then we answer your questions. We want to make sure everyone gets a chance ask questions.• We want to make sure you have a real chance at starting a successful business.• You hear from people who have walked the walk - so no book learning here.• Your questions are answered immediately. You take back actionable points - that you can start working with right away.  

Wait, there is more!

Ecommerce Success

6) Free Year Long Hand-holding & Support:

Let's say you start building your business with what you learnt at the event - but you have more doubts along the way! Don't worry.  We'll also give you free phone support for a period of one whole year from the event! This gives you complete peace of mind and total freedom to build your business with complete assurance!

7) Every businessperson needs a mentor

. When you join this class, we help you throughout your journey. As long as you need us, we are here to offer support, encouragement and advice.


8)Plan to Execution to Profits in just 25 days.

 This is the first event of its kind of event where you can walk in with just 2 month calendar - Ecommerce - ISSan idea about a business, and you walk out with an actual live Ecommerce Business with your own money making web site. And since we give you the step - by -step roadmap to everything you need to be doing, you can actually set a deadline and work backwards to achieve your target within a predefined period!

Not A Networking Event

***** Yes, there are many free events with similar titles. Unfortunately, most of these events end up being just networking opportunities for vendors. There are lots of presentations, and in the end there is hardly any time for solving of personal problems of each entrepreneur.Some of them even promise to teach you how to go to IPO(Wow)!

Our advice? Don't fall for these gimmicks.

Our main aim is to make you succeed. A paid event puts our feet to the fire. We are driven to give you more information, more data, more opportunities to succeed - than ever before. We are the only event that offers you one year of phone support. You can call us anytime to clear doubts or to ask for help with any problem. 

****We are only looking for a few action-oriented individuals who will take what we teach and  build a business in the short term. 

I really want to attend this workshop - but how do I convince my boss to approve my expenses?
You must be aware that nearly 90% of all businesses fail in the first 2 to 3 years. Can you imagine the price of failure? 
Lets imagine that your friend Rakesh goes straight into business. He has a strong gut feeling that it will work. Rakesh has identified a niche product or service that he feels has great demand.
Here are some approximate costs he may have incurred.
Product Sourcing 50,000/-
Ecommerce Portal 3,00,000/-
Office Setup 1,00,000/-
Warehousing 50,000/-
Marketing 50,000/-
Then he sits back and waits for his customers. But what if the customers don't come?
  • What if the product was not right for the market?
  • What if the market was not ready for the product?
  • What if the price point is not right?
  • What if the product costs way too much compared to what the market is willing to pay for ?
Rakesh has just spent anywhere from Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.5.5 lakhs on his failing business. He could have saved a lot of money, time and efforts by attending this seminar + workshop.

Would You rather spend a mere 5 to 10 thousand rupees - to educate yourselves ahead of time or make a bet of Rs.5 lakhs?

Wouldn't it be a Smart Decision to invest in your own education and learn from others' experiences?  We believe it is!  

When you come to this workshop, you learn how to Find a Good Product That Sells, how to make sure Your product is needed in the marketplace and you will learn how to make sure that your product will make money!
Would you rather learn something for a few bucks or prefer to lose Rs.5 lakhs?
What about the time spent, the effort expended?   So, it definitely makes great business sense to attend this event - especially if you are planning to be in the Ecommerce Business. You must not only attend this, but also take lots of notes, and ask a lot of questions. We encourage everyone to ask questions - so that everyone else benefits.If there is anything we have learnt, it is never to take chances on your future.
So if your boss cannot pay your expenses, how about paying them yourselves - and becoming your own boss?

I don't have a technical background. Can I still attend?

 Yes of course! This seminar is intended to be valuable even for a total newbie - irrespective of technical skills, business skills even people skills. We teach you everything you need to know to get started with your business. There will be no talk of code at all! 
My friend says this price is a bit steep! Ok. Please read FAQ #1 again. Then ask if your friend really understands the value of time. Also, is he being really being truthful? If you listen to him and deny yourselves the chance to properly educate yourselves, you are really denying yourselves success.
Those who are serious about building your business, always find a way. But,if you really think that this price is too much to help you build your future, the hard fact is: may be you should reconsider your decision of going into business!

Training In EcommerceOur only competition charges nearly 6 times our fees! And even we believe their price is totally fair!

We are priced so low - it's highly unfair to us - and a wonderful steal for you. 
Can I get a Discount still? Yes, there are limited Early Bird discounts and Group discounts. So don't delay, call now.
Will you give any certificate on completion of the course? Yes, a Course completion certificate will be provided on the completion of the course.
Share the bounty of all this knowledge and opportunity with those you love. When they prosper, so will you. We also offer group discounts for joining along with your friends. 

Our Previous Batch Students had to say this about our Program:

I liked the fact that it was an open Discussion by an Experienced Panel. It was clearly not pre-scripted, so a lot of good information was provided. - Saket Arbhi.
A lot of topics were discussed - and a lot of information was shared. The panel of experts were engaging in open discussions. - Anvita
The presence of the independent entrepreneurs was extremely helpful. The Q&A session was pretty good. We were given a structured approach/ roadmap on how to set up the business. - Rodrigo Canelas
There was lots of learning; Real life experiences provided gave us good insight into what to expect. Both Kushal & Nidhi were very good. - Daisy T.
An overview coverage of all important topics were provided.  - Aditya Manjrekar
 I liked that the session was very interactive. A lot of knowledge was provided by the panel. I liked the way Nidhi Saraf presented her information. - M.V.Narayan
Loved the sharing of personal experiences by Fgali( the invited entrepreneurs). I especially liked the session on Angel funding and what needs to be done. - Anand Pandey
Definitely the most structured and complete ecommerce training available - it covers subjects as varied as Idea Validation to Costing to Marketing to Hiring people to Building Ecommerce site to Finding Investment to Grow. - Manoj R Shah, RR Exports, Malabar Hill
I know have an end-to-end knowledge of what to do for my custom jewelry business. I can't wait to get back home and start working on my new strategies... - Mitesh Punmiya, Andheri. (also see Video by Mitesh below)
I have an auto-parts business. The scope of this program is wonderful. The nuances were clearly explained. And my personal queries were also answered quickly. - Gurpreet Singh.
As a person of an earlier generation, I wanted to see what was possible with Social Media and Ecommerce. Hence I joined this session. All my questions were answered. - Viren Rastogi. ( Also see video by Viren below).
Deep Janardhanan was a great entertaining speaker - offering a lot of value while at the same time, keeping us laughing all the time - S Dwivedi.

What you Get:

  • A great foundation on how to think about building your business in the new startup environment.
  • Complete Roadmap of how to get your Ecommerce Business started successfully.
  • How to source your eCommerce products
  • Where and how to get personnel to help you
  • How to market your products/services online as well as off-line - and how to find new niches of customers just waiting for you to find them and sell to them!
  • How to find investment to grow your business
  • How to use Alternative Marketplaces such as FlipKart, Amazon, Ebay etc for greater Profits and the tools that make managing these extremely easy!
  • You meet various vendors who you can call upon to help with your vendors.
  • You network with many aspiring entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses - hence sharing ideas and experience.


Free Bonus
  • FREE One whole year of Business Setup, Advisory and Mentorship Support( actual cost Rs.20,000/-but you get this Free!)
  • FREE Bonus: A Power-Packed Checklist of 400 Optimization Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Get Your Website To Show Up High in Google Search Engine Results Page.
  • FREE Bonus: A checklist of Things Your will Need on Your Product Page to Increase the Conversion on Your Website by Compelling Your Website Visitor To Purchase.
  • FREE Bonus: A list of Tools You can Take Advantage of  Free of Charge around the Web that will help make it so much easier for you to build and maintain a very presentable web-site.
  • FREE Bonus: One Strategy Session to check on Updates and Offer Any Course Correction if Needed after 6 months.

Meet The Investors

 We Introduce (only) the Best Business Plans to our Angel Investor / Incubator Contacts. You get to talk with the decision makers themselves. This in itself is worth millions of dollars for you.

Offer for a Limited Time Only!


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Setting Up Ecommerce Business 95% Greater Chance of Success in Setting Up Your Own Ecommerce Business!

Still thinking?
Remember, Time is Running Out !

We reward quick action. There are very limited Early Bird Discounts available; even up to 20% off!.

To Summarize...

  1. A complete business blue-print for setting up your Ecommerce Business.
  2. You just need to "Connect The Dots" &  Follow the steps.
  3. No technical knowledge needed.
  4. No business background needed.
  5. You can build a business while working at a full-time job.
  6. No wasting time trying different things.
  7. 12 step road-map to Ecommerce Business.
  8. Taught by Experts with 20 years Experience.
  9. 116 (Minimum) Days You Save that Otherwise Would have Been Wasted.
  10. Experience sharing by Ecommerce Entrepreneurs.
  11. We give you all the contacts you will need.
  12. Vendors present to help you gain more knowledge and offer advice.
  13. 1 Full Year of Free Support(Coaching, Advisory) worth Rs.20,000/- included Free.
  14. You get a professional looking Ecommerce Web Site with payment gateway ready to sell.
  15. You receive the guidance to avoid the pitfalls experienced by other entrepreneurs.
  16. You learn Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing(training worth Rs.10,000/- included free)
  17. Considering all the benefits, ours is by far the cheapest course in the market.
Come with Nothing; Go Home with an Exciting Ecommerce Business - Register Now! Call quickly before all the seats are gone.

Thank you,
Deep Janardhanan
Deep J

Deep Janardhanan
Director, International School Of Success
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P.S. We Saved The Best For Last!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee, International School of Success, MumbaiWe are offering you an Unbelievable, Unambiguous, Never - Before Seen
 100% Money Back Guarantee On This Training.

At the end of this two day Session,  if you feel that you did not receive all the Value you expected, or we could not provide all the value we promised you, if you are not 100% happy with our program; we will refund every Rupee you've paid us! No Questions Asked.

Yes, if you choose to ask for a refund, it will be a big loss to us. But we are prepared to lose money on a deal than to lose our hard-earned reputation! We prefer that you continue to respect our knowledge, our integrity, our honesty than for us to keep money that we have not earned. 

Why do we do this?
We at International School Of Success live and do business by the credo of Value Creation.

We believe in creating Value! To that end, we continuously send you new updates, new material, new ideas, new tools and new resources to grow your business as you keep building your business. 

What does this mean to you?

You can join this session with 100% peace of mind. Your investment in this training is 100% guaranteed. You cannot make a loss. There is only one condition. That you attend the full session and pay full attention to what is being taught in class! Simple.

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