Learn How to 20X Your Real Estate Business
in just 2 Days of Classroom Training

With the Latest Online & Offline

Marketing Tips, Tools & Techniques

+ 25 Tricks to get that house sold/rented quicker.
+ Your own active website that drives conversions.
+ Analytical Reports that will tell you about visitors real-time
+ Get Email Address of Website visitor
+ Get more customers to choose you for their business.
+ Become an authority in the Real Estate Field.
+ How to Put your Marketing on AutoPilot
+ The first thing you should ask your customer - that you are not asking yet!
+ How to be present when and where your customer is looking for you

If you are like 99% of Mumbai realtors, you are pretty FRUSTRATED!

<> Its hard to grow your business only on walk-ins.
<> The customer is online, but learning online marketing is tough.
<> You don't understand how to get leads from Facebook.
<> People call to inquire but they are not serious.
<> You pay good money to get leads, but they are not guaranteed to get you any business.
<> Sometimes you lose money on buying leads as they are not timely!
<> Its difficult to generate trust in my customer.
<> Clients are asking for more and more discounts.
<> Less scrupulous peers are doing bad deals and maligning the entire industry
<> There are too many houses lying unsold in the market.
<> Deals sometimes fall apart after having worked on them for many weeks or months.
<> Customers are moving to online brokers who are offering services free.
<> Lots of business during the summer, but hardly any business during the rains

What if I told you most of your problems can be solved?

Yes, that's correct! Nearly all your problems can be solved by applying the scientific marketing principles that we will be teaching in this course.

Here is what you learn/achieve by completing this course...
+ How to set yourselves up as an Authority figure in the business.
+ How to make YOU the #1 choice for doing real estate business with.
+ Have people come in the door - ready to do business with you.
+ Your own website that you can use without technical help. When people are searching for you, you need to be available online.
+ How to start appearing on the top of search engine results page
+ How to appear foremost on local Searches.
+ How to set up an automatic lead generation campaign
+ Difference between cold, warm and hot leads and how to deal with each.
+ Set up your automatic marketing funnels and how to nurture leads.
+ How to surprise and delight your customers
+ Hwo to create an irresistible offer - and offer they just can't refuse.
+ Getting started with mining the largest lead source :Facebook.
+ Setting up automatic lead generation on Facebook.
+ How to Identify the Best Traffic Source for you.
+ How to craft your story to ...
+ How to identify your ideal customer and create a focused business
+ How to identify the real decision maker
And so much more...

Growth Hacking For Realtors

End to End Online Business Setup - including Setting up your own working Web-Site, Property Uploads, Analytics, Content Creation, Customer Acquisition, Drip Marketing, Paid Traffic and Conversion Strategies and Tactics...
Date: June 19, 21 2018 (10.00 am to 5 pm)
Venue: KnowledgeTech, Powai

Topics covered in this course:

Day 1:

  • Getting Started with Systems Thinking
  • Setting up Your Business For Success - Starting With You!
  • Identifying your Ideal Customer Avatar - Demographic + Psychographic
  • Getting To Base Camp (Setting up your Website)
  • Measuring Your Success - Adding Analytics to your Property
  • Getting to know your Marketing Funnel
  • Getting Started with Content Marketing
  • Getting Started with Email Marketing
  • Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization- (Keyword Research, LSI and much more)
  • Going Hunting: Where to find your customers.
  • Showing up in Google Maps (Local SEO)
  • Getting Started with Google Adwords & Paid Traffic
  • Q&A...

Day 2:

  • Revisit Day 1. Answer questions, Check Homework.
  • Getting to know Copywriting
  • Getting Started with Facebook Marketing
  • Creating Content for Facebook.
  • Creating Ads for Facebook
  • Using the Facebook Power Tools Like a Pro!
  • Using the Real power of Instagram for your Real Estate business.
  • Offline Strategies and Tactics for selling that house faster.
  • Week 1 to 5 after the course.
  • Q&A

And that's not all!

There are even more goodies for you.
  • One year of online support.
    After you have completed your course, whenever you have a doubt, or need to ask a question, or have a business problem, just pick up the phone and call us! We will be at your service!
  • Free Templates for your use:
    You will receive a ton of templates and ebooks(worth over 7500/-) that you can put to use in your business.

Is this course really worth it?

This is a very valid question. This course requires a sizeable investment of both time and money. Will this be helpful in your business?

Let me ask you! What if this course teaches you to find just two additional customers - than you would have found otherwise?
Will this course be worth it then?

Our expectation is to teach you to find multiple new customers every week - over and above the business you are currently doing! This course will be worth thousands or lakhs of rupees in additional profits for you!

You can't afford to NOT attend this course.


Who is doing this course?

This course is being taught by Deep Janardhanan on behalf of International School of Success!

Deep has over 20 years of marketing and training experience in various verticals and different geographies! In addition Marketing is his passion and his hobby.

He is an expert at Ecommerce Marketing, Business Growth Hacking as well as Online Conversion Tactics. He learnt marketing and copywriting in the USA an has been working with multiple Small businesses and corporates in India over the last few years.

100% Risk Free Guarantee!

Your course comes with 100% money back guarantee!
At the end of your course, if you feel that you have not gained enough knowledge to justify the course fees, we return your entire investment. All we ask is that you attend both days of training dedicatedly.

100% Money Back Guarantee. This is a personal guarantee by me - Deepkumar Janardhanan.

We want you to be 100% satisfied. Just like you want your customer to be 100% satisfied with your work. We'd rather take the losses - than lose your trust.

How can we be so sure? We've trained many hundreds of students from 2013 onwards, but we've never had a single refund request. We work very hard to please you, to educate you; to make sure you get a good deal - and to make sure that your business is positively improved. That's always been the foundation of our business.
Here is what you get:
A uniquely crafted, highly customized training designed to rocket your Real Estate business to new heights
     Breakfast + Lunch + Tea
     Free Marketing Templates & Ebooks
     Free Support for 1 year
     Networking/learning from your Peers
     100% Risk Free Guarantee
Your total investment: Rs. 18000/-* + GST

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