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Hire an Outsourced - CTO: At a Fraction of The Cost

What does a CTO do for your company?

  • Take Technology Decisions
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Perform Code Audits
  • Improve Code Quality
  • Reduce Change Requests
  • Determine Functionality Precedence
  • Facilitate Supplier Management
  • Manage 3rd party partners
  • Interview & Hire IT Professionals
  • Outsourcing Technology Functions
  • Project Management
  • Improved Communication
  • Save Money, Save Money, Save Money

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Why Your Company needs a CTO!

SS (and his partners) had a great idea. They researched it, they conducted market feasibility and decided to approach an I.T. company to get the app built. Great!

What's not so great is that the app cost them over Rs.16 lakhs! Why? Neither SS nor his partners had any technical knowledge or experience. They had no option but to take the IT developer at his word - and fork over the money.

Don't be like SS! Get yourselves a CTO - who understands Coding & Development - and the cost of development. Whatever you pay a CTO will save yourselves a ton of money in the back-end.

BKT was quoted Rs.1.5 lakhs for his ecommerce marketplace website. He paid Rs.75,000/- as advance in August 2015. Come June 2016, his website is not even close to completion.

The icing on the cake is that the development company now acknowledges(verbally) that they dont have the know-how to finish the work, but because the contract signed by BKT was biased in favor of the company, they will not be returning any money either!

Don't be like BKT! Ask your CTO for advice on who to give your contracts to. Let him do the due diligence before handing over money to developers!

Call +91-9769400671

Who Should be Your CTO?

Ideally, your CTO should be a person who
  • has years of IT development experience
  • has wide technology knowledge.
  • has good vendor management experience.
  • has great people management experience.
  • has great team leading experience.
  • has project management experience.
  • is well versed with various latest technologies.
  • familiar with code repositories and source control.

Deep Janardhanan, Chief Technology Officer

Deep Janardhanan has immense experience in I.T. (over 22 years of development experience.) He has worked in India as well as the U.S. on massive development efforts. He has led huge cross-country teams in multiple projects over many years.

Coupled with this undeniable experience, Deep also comes with an intuitive sense of value and how to derive value from every paise you put into your IT infrastructure. Having created and eventually exited his own development company, he has a very good idea of what is right and what is fake in the development world.

Often, developers work on the premise that the client has no idea of technology - and hence try to get their maximum buck out of you for doing less that what is possible. Deep has a sixth sense to locate and disarm such malicious intent for the benefit of his clients.

By asking the right questions - and requiring developers to stick to documented rules, he has an amazing track record of finishing projects on time and under budget.

Deep has worked with many multi-nationals and Fortune 500s such as Dominion Resources(Nuclear), LandAmerica Title Insurance, Ukrops Departmental Stores etc as well as multiple US State Government agencies in the state of Virginia and Georgia.

He has also worked as the CTO for multiple indian startups over the past 3 years - in Hyderabad as well as Mumbai. You can see his LinkedIn profile here.