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International School of Success, Mumbai

Our Services



We have investors, incubators and accelerators on our panel who can help you find the investment (as well as any other resource) that you might need to grow your business to the next level.

Looking for Investment for your startup or growing business? Get in touch with us; and we can get you face-to-face with our investors.


Rarely, we work with selected partners on promising projects. We provide our decades of experience and industry contacts as well as execution know-how to give the venture a much faster rate of growth.

Do you have a really lucrative project that is stalled due to lack of IT or Marketing Skills? Talk to us! Occasionally, we may be able to join hands with you on an equity sharing basis or part cash-part equity basis.

Strategy Session/ Mentorship

Occasionally all you need is a 2-4 hour strategy session, to list down your options, identify the pros and cons of each option, then choose the most appropriate strategy or path based on market factors and your own strengths and weaknesses.

This kind of strategic brainstorming and decision making is very important for small businesses that are either stagnant or are losing marketshare to new competition.

Outsourced IT & Marketing Services

We also help in step-by-step execution on Marketing, Business Processes, Information Technology, Sales, Team Building or any other issue that is hindering your growth chances.

We offer Outsourced CTO, CMO, even CEO services to get your business off the ground and growing wildly. We bring years of experience into your company - without you paying lakhs of Rupees a month; every month that you otherwise would pay for a good Marketing Manager or IT manager!

Need More Information?

Please feel free to call Jinal at 9819155259 .