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International School of Success, Mumbai

Business Mentorship Program

Welcome to the International School of Success - Business Mentorship Program.

Our aim is to help set up successful businesses - by identifying - and then filling the expertise gap, knowledge gap or resource gap in an existing or new business; in an ongoing manner.

How It Works:

  1. There is an admission process to get into the Mentorship program. Kindly get in touch with us for more information.
  2. There will be periodic meetings - either weekly or biweekly to discuss progress and offer suggestions and directions.
  3. Our legal partners will advise you on legal requirements, governmental proceedings and other necessary issues.
  4. You will receive instructions on changes to functionality, approach, tactics or strategies.
  5. We will work with you on setting targets, approaching clients as well as partners.
  6. You will be given all possible help to create a cohesive, visionary business plan and to help you execute it.
  7. We wlll also introduce you to investors who can help you receive seed funding, angel funding or VC funding.
  8. We will try to make sure that your business has the best chance to succeed.

Grateful to be of Service to these fine businesses:

Diligo.com - A Gaming Ad Display Company

The meet was really great and he gave some really good insights.. which we are planning to implement on and.... his advice regarding the marketing thing was we really hadn't thought of before so we are planning to implement that also. We also got many actionable insights and the way forward is very clear after this meeting. I give 5 stars! - Harshdeep Singh, Co-founder, Diligo.

Why your company needs a mentor!

Rohit W spent 3 years building his software product - and another year perfecting it. Then he hired a salesperson to help him sell. He was amazingly not getting much success. Rohit approached me for help.

Analysis: Any mentor could have told Rohit to first analyze the market and establish the need for his product - before spending an insanely long time of 4 years ( time, efforts, money) to build his product.

Don't be like Rohit! Get a mentor as early in your business as possible.

P was a very nice guy I met at one of the Startups Meetup. He was a developer earlier and had quit his job to work on his own product. He was quite reticent to talk about it and I never pushed him.

Fast-forward 2 years and P called me for a meeting. He showed me his product and asked for my help in finding investors.

Unfortunately, unknown to P, there were already 2 big companies already making waves in the market doing the exact same thing that his product did - but with more features and in a much better way!

Don't be like P! Get a mentor who can warn you of pitfalls.

Latha started a blog in the year 2012 - because she was home for maternity leave. She had decided to use the time at home to create a working business; while at the same time taking care of her new baby.

Come 2016, and Latha approached us to find a way to monetize her blog. We looked at the analytics and were not happy with what we saw!

Don't be like Latha! Approach a mentor who will work out your business plan - and especially the monetization before you put years of work into it.

Our mentors

Chief Mentor: Deep Janardhanan

Deep has started multiple businesses and successfully exited them over the past 22 years. At the same time he has also had his share of failures. Deep maintains that it is the failures that have taught him more valuable lessons than the successes - lessons that we now impart to our mentees.

Deep's speciality is Growth Hacking & Marketing Strategies including Digital Marketing.

Mentorship Co-ordinator: Jinal Chheda

Jinal Chheda is an HR Professional & Management Consultant. She has many years of experience in different industries helping set-up their business & HR practices. Her forte is understanding the myriad challenges that the startup founders need to overcome and provide them the best possible answer to meet those requirements. She has organized & lead several National level Conferences & even won the Best Student Award during her management studies. She is also MD at 'Third Eye Strategies' which provides  HR & Mgmt services.

She also has a great passion for travel to unexplored places, hence successfully started & running 'Third Eye Explorers'. Her avid interest in social causes caused her to start a Rotaract Club (Navi Mumbai branch) to inspire and lead 100s of youths into being responsible citizens.

Accounts & Taxes: Vinit Gada, C.A.

Vinit is a Chartered Accountant in Practice. He works in the area of Tax, Regulatory, Compliance, Assurance, Due Diligence, Financial and Management Consultancy Services. He is young and dynamic. He has been stepping stone for number of Start-ups. He helps startups to frame business model keeping in mind long term business objectives and tax - regulatory laws in country. Young mind is quick in getting mindset of young entrepreneurs. He strives to help entrepreneur to do business with ease and adopt proactive approach. He is connected to reputed CA Institutions & Forums. He is into the Managing Committee of Thane Branch of WIRC of ICAI.